lais From: Mayara T. To:Daysy Photography

This weekend I had the Amazing pleasure of being photographed by Daysy. She's such an excellent Professional and everything she does she does with so much passion and professionalism ! I feel very lucky for have been given the chance to bephotographed by her. I loved the results and I don't think I would eve be able to get them and to be so satisfied as I'm now with anyone else. I'm definitely gonna count on her to be my personal photographer for the rest of my life as long as Im here and anytime I see anyone looking to do some photograph Shes always gonna be the ONE. We had an amazing time doing our photo shoot and if any of you are looking to do the same you can guarantee you're gonna experience a pretty WONDERFUL time with her ! She makes you feel as comfortable as possible and at the same time always being really professional at what she does . I loved EVERYTHING !



lais From: Janet T. To:Daysy Photography

I needed a portrait done in a hurry.  Daysy was the first one to respond to my request.  She made herself available to me on a very short notice.  After speaking with her on the telephone, I agreed to have her do my portrait.  She seemed to be very knowledgable about what I needed and made a few suggestions to help me.  
When I arrived for my sitting, Daysy was very personable and down to earth.  She made several suggestions for my portrait, and very easily worked her magic while I talked with her during my sitting.  She made me feel very much at ease.  I felt as though I had met a new friend.  As we went over the photos, she made suggestions for me and pointed out what she thought would work for my final portrait.  She has studied her art and studied it well.   My portraits were beautiful!  She is one of a kind.  I would suggest that if you want a competent, well educated in her art photographer, you contact Daysy.  She is one of the best!

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lais From: Aline & Brian To:Daysy Photography

When someone offers their services, you become quite excited about what you could possibly receive. You go through and check out all their work and then try to suppress the excitement because after all, this is a last minute request and she's really busy. Well, Daysy you have surpassed our wildest dreams! Thank you so much for all your hard work, and sending us the finished product so quickly. You've captured moments and feelings we couldn't translate into words. TYTYTY!

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lais From: Agnes Dodge To:Daysy Photography

I have done business headshot with Daysy for my own business and I just loved it so much that I came back to have my personal portraits taken as well.
She is very professional and detailed.. and on top of it she is very pleasant to deal with before, during and after the session, what made me feel very comfortable about having my pictures taken by her.
I do recommend Daysy's services to anyone because my experience was wonderful and whenever I need my portraits taken again I will come back for her.

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lais From: Carol Monroe To:Daysy Photography

I had the pleasure of working with Daysy to get some pics to promote Zumba classes. She is truly a professional and amazing! Daysy took some great pics that really brought out my personality and enthusiasm for Zumba. I'm excited to share the pics with my class!! I just can't say enough great things about Daysy and her skills!

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lais From: Lara C. To:Daysy Photography

Daysy is such a great professional!! I am so glad I had the chance to have my wedding pictures taken by someone so sweet, easy-going, and skillful like her!! The pictures came out beautiful and I couldn't be any happier with the results!
She makes you feel really comfortable! I was almost believing I was a super model! lol It felt great!!!
I highly recommend her services! She is an excellent photographer!

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lais From:Richy Kvett To: Daysy Photography

Daysy is a true professional and we were very lucky to have her come to our house to take some family pictures on Christmas day (December 25 2012). It was unbelievable that we even found someone to come to our house to take pictures on Christmas day. Before I go any further, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for driving over an hour to our home to take a well over due family pictures and we can not thank you enough for being such a special part of our Christmas. You are such a darling, and we were stunned and floored by the beauty of your photos, I especially love the group pictures. You are a true craftsman in your field. Many people think that because they own a camera that they can take great pictures; your picture colors are very bright, great for large prints. We love them and we will treasure them for years to come. Please if you are looking for a great/awesome photographer contact Daysy, she is very professional, fast with editing, and was able to give us great choices for printing. We received all our photos in a personalized CD with a special gift from Daysy (how sweet). My friends couldn’t stop commenting on our pictures on facebook. You made my family looked fabulous and our Christmas was extra ordinary. I will be a life long client.

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lais From: Eunice To: Daysy Photography

I don't even know where to begin talking about Daysy. She was a dream to work with. So kind, fun and professional! I contacted her for a self session in Frederick, MD and I must say, I was totally blown away by the experience. I felt completely comfortable the entire shoot and at ease with her. She made me feel that way even before we started on the session just by starting a nice conversation made me feel more comfortable. During the session she gave me basic places to stand and basic directions, then offered suggestions for posing and asked me if I had something special in mind as well. I can honestly say that I actually had so much fun with our session! It was not something mechanic. After the session, she sent me a few examples of post processed work and WOW, I know I'm going to treasure these pictures forever. I am in love with her work!! I am SO happy I decided to pick Daysy for my session. She has become my number 1 reference, and I will let my friends and family know about her. And every time I need photography services again, I will be back to her. Thank you Daysy, I can't wait to do it again!



lais From: Lais Guzik To: Daysy Photography

Daysy is an amazing person. I loved my photo shoot with her. She is very creative but she is also open to whatever ideas you may have. We did our session in a super cute place near to her studio in Frederick, MD. Our engagement and after wedding pictures come out great. Exactly like I had in my mind. Daysy is more than an photographer. She is more like an artist. I recommend her for everyone that wants some really nice and creative pictures.



pregnancy From: Lilian Chekalin To: Daysy Photography

My husband and I had 3 sessions with Daysy, First was taken at my home at my Baby shower, Second was a Photoshoot in Alexandria/VA and my third one was a newborn session, I can't describe how amazing is her work, al lmy pictures are amazing. Dayse is an amazing professional, she has great ideas, she explores all the enviromenment is search of different things, and she's always checking what we are comfortable with, in all the sessions she was extremely kind, patient, we can say that it was really fun doing the pictures with her. Thanks for everything Daysy!



pregnancy From: Mana To: Daysy Photography

My fiancé and I had a photo shooting with Daysy while we were visiting Washington DC (We are from SoCal). She was very good at taking us to the best spots and finding the perfect light. I also loved her creativity on telling us how to pose for the pictures (usually we both look the SAME at every picture we take)! I'm very glad we hired her for that photo shooting and I'd highly recommend her as a professional photographer! She was also very sweet and patient with us, definitely not those photographers who are just worried about completing their hour and leave! Thanks again Daysy!



pregnancy From: Cici To: Daysy Photography

Daysy is great. We had a great time with her photo shooting, She helped us to relax when she takes the pics. Yes, Thanks Daysy!



pregnancy From: Lukas To: Daysy Photography

We had an absolutely great photo shooting with Daysy at Assateague Island! She definitely knows the best light, angle and lens to picture you perfectly. And her friendly and happy demeanor enables you to relax and express your best appearance. Thanks Daysy for the wonderful pictures!!!


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